-This is A320 & A330 PDP:

This APP was designed to create a new simple way to study the A320 or A330 in two separate apps.

The main goal since the initial APP design was to introduce all important elements from the latest versions of (generic AIRBUS A320/A330) FCOM , FCTM , QRH ,MMEL , CDL and Normal checklist. The app enables the user to study absolutely any SOP of the A320/A330 without any manual.

With a simple user-friendly interface, it links the essential information needed for the lessons to the appropriate manual reference and further explanations.

Lessons follow a didactic and easy methodology, with supporting graphics and real pictures taken in real simulator sessions .

I used my experience as EXPERIENCED AIRBUS CAPTAIN during 20 years and AIRBUS INSTRUCTOR AND EXAMINER Experience to create an APP to help pilots study in a new simple way. 

The APP already gathers all relevant and updated information from the AIRBUS manuals making the study EASY.

This APP must be used only for training purposes. It has not yet been approved for any Aeronautical Authority.


– It is perfect to prepare screenings and Flight Simulator checks.

– It helps instructors explain all normal and abnormal procedures to students.

– It is really good for A320/A330 Pilots to remain updated.

– Very convenient for cadets to develop understanding on how to find the information in the A320 manuals , as it can be tough at the beginning. Strengths:

– It stresses the Golden Rules of AIRBUS [FLY, NAV, COM First] for all abnormal SOPs. The sequence of each failure explanation always follows the AIRBUS Golden rules as a key to battle any failure in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

– THE APP is wide knowledge database of 1300 pages that covers from Normal SOPs to the most complicated ABNORMAL SOPs.

– It covers all Abnormalities and Emergencies that appear in any simulator check of any airline in the world.

– Outstanding QRH explanations for complex procedures such as [DUAL ENGINE FLAME OUT].

– [Mechanical Back Up Landing] is an emergency that not often included in trainings. The APP includes valuable tips from my extended experience.

– All emergencies are explained with useful tips.

– Outlines menu to accede from any page to any other lesson.

– An interactive outlined menu allows the user to access any lesson any time.

All the new changes introduced in FCOM , QRH , FCTM , NORMAL CHECKLIST will be updated every month automatically.

Customization of the APP for Airlines and ATOs is possible, with the information and the manuals requested and also with their logos (contact via email to info@a320pdp.com for the requests).

Should you find any mistake or error, do not hesitate to email me and it will be corrected immediately.


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